+ Reclaim Your Voice +
+ Speak Your Truth +
+ Embody Your Power +

When You Join the Vocal Liberation Program You Will:

+ Heal yourself through innovative sound practices +

+ Access and develop your authentic soul expression +

+ Break through old and limiting beliefs and patterns +

It’s time for you to rewrite the old, limiting stories you hold about your voice.  


These disempowering beliefs are holding you back not only from singing with joy and freedom, but also from speaking your truth.  

Do you believe you have a bad voice or that you can’t sing?

Does your voice break or crack when you are under stress?

Are you sometimes afraid to speak your truth?

Do you have stuck tension in your throat and jaw?

Do you want to be able to access your creative flow state more easily?


If you responded “yes” to any of these questions,

you are ready for a transformation of VOICE, BODY & ENERGY!

You are invited to join us for the 12-Week Vocal Liberation Program (VLP)!


This is an online group experience that will change the way you speak, sing and breathe forever.

No only that, it will give you the courage to show up in your power and share you truth.

This deep dive journey is specifically designed for people who are ready to awaken to the true power of their singing, speaking and embodied voice.  


No music or artistic experience is necessary.

The only prerequisite is a belief that your most empowered self expression 

is alive inside of you and ready to come out!

With your guides...

Why an online program?

In this modern age, it's hard to find the time or energy to drive around town

to get to yoga, voice lessons and counseling.


Plus, even if you did have that time, that wouldn’t be enough.  In order to having a powerful and lasting transformation, you need to be doing your own self-care rituals daily,

not just when your schedule allows for it.


That is why we have created these highly efficient and powerful daily practices that will destress your nervous system, tap you into your creative flow state and help you access your

true power.  And all of this in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Andrew Belinsky

Andrew is a spiritual counselor and vocal breakthrough facilitator.  He weaves the yogic tools of self healing with his experience as a life-long musician to guide awakening humans into their fullest expressive potential.  He is the creator of Namastage and the co-founder of Expression Tribe.  

Flow Shakti Belinsky

Flow brings deep shamanic and embodiment wisdom from over 10 years of studying, facilitating and working with clients. She is a master group facilitator and is gifted at creating connective and sacred spaces where participants feel safe to be vulnerable and transform. 

Misty Tomasino,

Musician and Facilitator

This is the opportunity to pierce through self-imposed limitations by speaking to the fear and anxiety that arises when sharing vulnerably in group.

Mike Alahouzos,

Community Builder

I felt bondages and blockages break away in ways that I never have before.  It was like one year of therapy in one night.

Meesha Sharma,

Yoga Teacher

This work is so very deep...it takes time to integrate. Now as I reflect, all I can say is wow, this is some real ass shit. I am so stoked to continue this work, I can only imagine how life-changing it is going to be!

How does VLP work?
In this program you will:

Unblock Your Throat Chakra With Ancient Yogic and Shamanic Vocal Exercises

Gain Deeper Self Awareness with Daily Guided and Free-Form Expression Meditations

Reclaim Your Power and Awaken the True Expression That Is Within You

The Program Includes:

Unlimited access to 12 transformational audio practices that easefully and intelligently guide you from where you are to the fullest potential of your vocal expression ($750)


One 60-minute 1-on-1 Breakthrough Session to help you to integrate the program into your life and live the teachings ($250)

Community support, weekly inspiration and authenticity medicine with lifetime access to the Awakening Brother and Sister private Facebook Group (priceless)

Downloads of exclusive and unreleased original instrumental songs for you to practice your freestyle vocal techniques ($100)


- Free forgiveness integrated movement and sound practice download ($50)

- Free immunity boosting integrated movement and sound practice download ($50)


Total Value: $1200

Regular Tuition: $750

*payment plans available


Hold your spot now with your tuition payment

Payment in full:  $750


Payment in three monthly installments: $275/mo

CONGRATULATIONS on your commitment to your evolution as a human being.  Enjoy the ride!

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