Hi there!  I'm Andrew Belinsky and I live to serve the evolution of humanity.  My purpose is to inspire harmony and joy in the lives of individuals, groups and on Planet Earth!

I began my journey of healing through music when I started my first band in high school.  I was a victim of bullying and through song-writing and performance I was able to begin to express my stuck emotions--particularly my anger and sadness.


While studying sociology and education at UC Berkeley, I allowed music deeper into my being as I began incorporating sound into the activism I was a part of.  It was at Cal that I also began to host my first "music jams," and hold the space for spontaneous and healing expression.


In Berkeley I also experienced my first taste of yoga, in the Ashtanga tradition.  At that point, I was mostly interested in strengthening and gaining more flexibility in my body.  Little did I know that almost a decade later I would be healing my mind with yoga and eventually teaching it.

After graduating I jumped headlong into the music industry.  My passion for music and people propelled me around the world as a signed musician. A variety of music projects and collaborations landed me shows at the Berkeley Greek Theater, on Korean National TV and placement on radio and TV commercials.

The years I spent as a music producer in NYC nearly broke me.  The music scene in the big city tested my physical and mental health in the most challenging of ways.  I returned three years later to San Diego with my tail between my legs, disconnected from nature, substance-addicted and feeling utterly defeated.


I actually had to quit making music all together so I could reboot my entire system and begin to mend myself.  I was in a dark place--I felt like a failure and my creativity was totally shut off.

And then I remembered yoga.


Living at home with my father and working a temp job, I embarked on a mission to repair my body and regain my life balance.   I explored the many styles of yoga that San Diego had to offer and there was no shortage of options!  From hot yoga to gentle, from yin to sculpt--I was a bit overwhelmed!

And then I found Viniyoga.  After a 90-minute practice, I had a powerful emotional release.  It was deep.  It allowed me to explore the tightness in my body as well as find the blocks in my mind and energy. 


I was absolutely shattered (in a good way) by my Viniyoga experience and I knew I had to continue practicing it if I was serious about transforming my dysfunctional patterns and discovering my purpose.

As fate would have it, I was fired from my temp job weeks before the first ever Southern California Viniyoga Teacher Training took place.  It was divine timing (and location)!

Fast forward through the years and I am now a 500-hour certified teacher under the tutelage of Gary Krafstow of the American Viniyoga Institute.

People don't even recognize me. 


It's not because I look different, but because the way I hold myself, my energy and my voice have completely transformed.  I am grounded, calm and focused in a way I never knew.

Thankfully, once I began to take care of and heal myself, the music naturally came back into my life.  But it didn't look, or feel the same as before.  Music-making has become a sacred, healing tool for me to process stuck emotions and put my sometimes confused thoughts into sound and words.

And the deeper I went into yoga, the more I began to learn that music and yoga are inseparable.  For one, sound can help us understand our own breath and take us deeper into relaxation and meditation.  And not to mention, our thoughts about our voice and our dance will tell us a great deal about how we are choosing to show up in the world. 


Over the last few years I have continued to learn the healing power of mindful music making with trainings in Health Rhythms Drum Circle Facilitation and Music Medicine Facilitation Certifications with Christine Stevens.

I now know firsthand the powerful medicine of music for connecting the inner pieces as well as for connecting externally to humanity and beyond.   

In 2016 I created NAMASTAGE, hosting interactive music and art sanctuaries that hold space for healing and expression.

And in 2017 I married my soul mate Flow and we welcomed our child Eva into the world.  We currently live just outside of San Diego and we look forward to sharing in the magic of life together with you!


Gain deeper self-awareness & more self-control.


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woman 12

"I was looking for a yoga instructor who could work with people with injuries. I found the perfect one in Andrew. He is knowledgeable, very in tune with what you are doing and brings a unique musical component to my session. Also, my hips are much less painful and I am dealing better with my stress. I look forward to his class every week!"

Jackie Townsend

woman 14

"Andrew is a teacher living his yoga. He has the ability to bring out the raw realness your heart has been looking to express."

Jonathan Richard

woman 9

"Andrew's gentle, amiable vibe and Viniyoga teaching is so healing and inviting... and the music-making portion of the experience is fun, creative and heart-warming. Everyone comes alive, our childlike spirits evoked.  Communion is established and we come out enriched and refreshed - every time. Check it out!"

Tes Kempner

Wandering Traveler


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